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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results, Week 2: Miz & Asuka vs. Big E & Carmella

It’s here!

The second episode of Mixed Match Challenge streams live tonight (Tues., Jan. 23, 2018) starting at 10 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch. If you need help figuring out how to watch the show, click here.

The second match-up in the tournament features the Monday Night Raw team of Intercontinental Champion The Miz and Asuka taking on the SmackDown Live team of New Day’s Big E and Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella. We’ll have coverage of the show below.

Mixed Match Challenge Week 2

Geno here. Let us do this.

New Day came out wearing Carmella inspired onesies. They looked incredible. Flapjacks were eaten and thrown into the audience. Not sure how they’ll lose.

Miz and Asuka came out doing each other’s schtick as well. When they cut to ringside to the commentary team, Corey Graves was lamenting the fact that he had a bunch of pancakes on his head, courtesy of Big E. Michael Cole laughed that fake laugh of his while Beth Phoenix wondered how he could have possibly made his hair worse, but he pulled it off.

Miz & Asuka vs. Big E & Carmella

Rusev was in the comments section on Facebook saying Asuka doesn’t speak English and Miz doesn’t speak Japanese. Big E got the edge on Miz before they tagged the women in. When they did so, Big E handed Carmella a big “L” to hand to Asuka, who acted overjoyed to receive it, then savagely destroyed it. This resulted in Carmella losing it and tagging E back in.

Mid-match, they cut to Michael Cole giving a tutorial on how to use the Facebook Watch feature.

Back to the action, Miz and Asuka got the edge on their opponents in such a way they set up to do the Miz Kicks simultaneously. It got over big with the live crowd. When Carmella made a comeback, it was stopped by Asuka just eating slaps and hitting her with spinning back fists and the like. She followed that up with the armbar while Miz pulled Big E off the apron. That got the tap.

Miz & Asuka def. Big E & Carmella

Renee Young interviewed the winners. Asuka spoke in Japanese and Miz translated claiming she said she learned more about how to be a champion from him than anyone in her entire life. “She has learned how to be a winner from me.” That’s a great line, considering her entire gimmick is she’s undefeated (even though she’s not).

“We dominated our match tonight and we will dominate the Mixed Match Challenge for Rescue Dogs Rock. Why? Because we are AWESUKA.”

Graves called them the odds on favorite to go all the way.


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