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Stone Cold Steve Austin cut a hell of a promo on Mike Rome after Raw 25

Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to WWE television for the special Raw 25 episode that aired from New York this evening and he was there to dish out Stunners to the McMahon family, just like he always used to. We didn’t get a vintage Austin promo on television, sadly, but he still delivered the goods in a backstage “interview” with Mike Rome.

After Rome told him to talk about his return, he thanked him for his time. The Texas Rattlesnake turned it on right away:

“That’s all you got to say to me, is ask me one question I give you one answer then you’re gonna shake my hand? You flew me all the way out here and now you’re gonna bring me backstage and treat me like a jabroni? Did you not do anymore prep than that? You got one question... okay, what’s your name? Okay, Mike, you can ask Stone Cold a couple of questions and you just did one question. Do you know who you’re talking to?

”My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin. I actually drew money, I actually was the world heavyweight champion, I won three Royal Rumbles. And you bring me all the way out here to the East Coast to Brooklyn and you’ve got one sorry ass question for me. You’re a chump. You need to go back to your house, do your homework because next time when Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up I want a proper interview, proper camera time, proper mic time, hell proper interview personnel. You got no business interviewing someone like me, son, you’re way out of your league. Go back and do your homework.

”I’m sure everybody back home is proud of you but you’re just a piece of trash in my eyes. Do you understand that? Thank you, it’s been wonderful talking to you. That’s B.S. I hated talking to this sorry S.O.B. and that’s the bottom line because I said so. I’ll catch your ass down the road, Mike.”

I sure do miss that. Don’t you?

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