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Braun Strowman throws Brock Lesnar through a table to close Raw 25


Braun Strowman has Brock Lesnar’s number.

To close out Raw 25, GM Kurt Angle wanted to put Lesnar, Strowman and Kane together in the ring at the same time.

Despite surrounding the ring with assorted WWE legends and current wrestlers from both Raw and SmackDown, all three monsters skipped the pleasantries and went right to trying to knock one another out.

Lesnar took out Strowman and Kane instantly but then The Monster Among Men went full Monster Among Men and laid out the WWE Universal Champion in a bad way.

Braun Strowman stands tall at the end of Raw 25, while Brock Lesnar is laid out with what appeared to be a back or shoulder injury. Ruling out Kane, who will walk away from the Royal Rumble with the WWE Universal title?

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