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DX reunites, helps The Balor Club destroy The Revival at Raw 25

DX is back for at least one more night. Live from the Manhattan Center portion of Raw 25, Triple H and Shawn Michaels an all-star cast of degenerates reunited.

After the original DX shouted out Rick Rude and Chyna (yup, Triple H did), the Road Dogg and Billy Gunn got their walkout. Then X-Pac got his own entrance music.

But wait, there’s more.

Scott Hall AKA Razor Ramon got the loudest pop of the night. With a mic in his hand, Hall cut a promo on the historic Raw 25 and ended it with a too sweet.

As fate would have it, The Balor Club heard their own version of the bat-signal and strolled out to the ring to welcome the legends back to Monday Night.

Then all nine men had a Too Sweet moment of their own.

All was right with the world until The Revival made their way to the ring for a showdown with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The Revival then lost clean to The Good Brothers and on top of that ate finishers from all the DX members post-match.

Alright Cagesiders, how do you grade that segment? Too Sweet? Or Suck It?

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