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The Undertaker returns at Raw 25, cuts a mysterious promo


The last time pro wrestling fans saw The Undertaker was April 2, 2017 and the close of WrestleMania 33. Following a defeat to Roman Reigns in the main event of WM 33, Undertaker left his gloves, coat and hat in the center of the ring as he slowly walked up to the top of the entrance ramp.

That was then and this is now. At Raw 25, The Undertaker made his first appearance since his ‘retirement’ at WrestleMania 33. From the Manhattan Center portion of the Raw 25 broadcast, Taker soaked in the historic moment for a few seconds before he took to the microphone.

Check out Taker’s full promo below and try to decode his message.

Huh? Say what now?

Is this the last we’ve seen of The Undertaker?

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