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Miz is not missing the birth of Maryse and his baby, even if it happens during WrestleMania

Miz’s Instagram

He’s got a big Intercontinental championship match tonight (Jan. 22) on a huge episode of Raw, but The Miz’s mind isn’t entirely on the wrestling ring.

And that’s not just because he just finished filming a movie, or was recently named “WWE Wrestler of The Year” for 2017 by Rolling Stone, or because he has a reality show coming out on E! He and Maryse are about to become first-time parents, and the daughter they’re expecting is always on The A-Lister’s mind.

So much so that he told ESPN about his plans to make sure he sees her arrive in the world - even if Maryse goes in to labor on April 8 while he’s in New Orleans for The Showcase of the Immortals:

“It’s a WrestleMania baby. The only thing my wife asked me was that [she wanted me to be there].

I literally have a private jet on call at all times. I will spend whatever amount of money to get there, to be there and support her and witness my first child being born because I am ecstatic. I don’t want to be the dad that’s not there. I don’t want the kid to ever think that I wasn’t there. I want her to be the one that says you were there, you guided me, you supported me in the best way you knew how.”


Now get ready to boo him at Raw 25 tonight.

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