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Drew Gulak brilliantly explains what it’s like working with Enzo Amore

ESPN did a great piece of work in this interview with Drew Gulak but there’s one quote that stuck out above the rest: his description of what it’s like working with Enzo Amore.

From the interview:

“If you could picture a nice lake, clean water, real clear, some fish in there. There’s seaweed, kelp, maybe even some coral. Then picture taking a bomb and dropping it into the middle of that and setting it off. That’s kinda what it’s like with Enzo. He’s the bomb. He’s such a crazy personality, and you can’t help but react to him. For us, we’ve had a couple guys come through who had a noticeably different fan base, a noticeably different set of production or time spent on [building them up] beforehand and being added to our group. Getting someone like a Neville, an Austin Aries or a Kalisto come in here. Enzo is like a neon version of those guys.”

That’s perfect.

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