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SmackDown to put Raw 25 UNDER SIEGE

No, wait... Shane McMahon and company are just guest starring this time.

Shane McMahon and The New Day have quite a history with the red brand over the past few months. Back in October, they kicked off the build to Survivor Series - you know, the ONE TIME A YEAR THE SUPERSTARS OF RAW AND SMACKDOWN COLLIDE or whatever - by leading an invasion of Monday nights. Heck, Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston even teased putting Raw UNDER SIEGE a second time before Nov. 19, 2017’s pay-per-view (PPV).

Will there be any lingering hard feelings when Shane and New Day - along with fellow invader AJ Styles and Charlotte Flair - show up for Raw’s big celebration of 25 years on the air?

In announcing the Team Blue presence for Monday, Jan. 22’s event-caliber show in New York,’s official preview acknowledges the recent history of “brand warfare” between red and blue, so we can at least count on them cracking some jokes. And next Sunday’s Royal Rumble matches will feature Raw and SmackDown stars in the same ring, so it makes sense to rekindle hostilities... even if does once again remind us how misleading Survivor Series’ tagline was.

But hey! Daniel Bryan will be there, too. So we can all overanalyze whatever he does and doesn’t do in the ring, then watch how that affects the betting line for The Rumble, to distract us from WWE’s sometimes disingenuous promotion.

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