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Xavier Woods brings a woman from Aiden English’s past into their mudslinging U.S. title fight

Good thing the first round United States title tournament match between The New Day’s Xavier Woods and Rusev Day’s Aiden English is set to happen in Orlando tonight (Jan. 2)... because this thing is getting uglier than a 2016 Presidential Primary.

Woods enlisted his mates for a campaign video touting his qualifications, and then English got down in the mud with a promo which questioned X’s qualifications to represent a PG company.

Xavier retorted with a video painting his rival as a scoundrel, and now he’s enlisted a a woman from Aiden’s past, former Vaudevillains’ ally Leva “Blue Pants” Bates, in his smear campaign:

Let’s hurry up and settle this in the ring before anyone gets any other ideas.

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