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Finn Bálor uses Thin Lizzy lyrics to declare The Club reunion is legit

We’ve been given hints in Ride Along episodes and backstage teases in the past, but on the Jan. 2 Raw, we not only got Finn Bálor teaming up in the ring with his former Bullet Club mates Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (and throwing around trademark-pending hand symbols willy nilly), but we also got a Fallout video of the trio.

That in an of itself wouldn’t be conclusive evidence of a permanent Bálor Club alliance, but then we got the above Fallout video. Finn doesn’t say much, but he does quote classic rock icons Thin Lizzy, which I believe is legally binding for the Irish:

“The more things change, the more they stay the same... the boys are back in town”.

If that’s not enough, consider that Bálor went on to tweet a photo of the trio with a shots-fired type hashtag ‘OGBC’...

All three men are in need of a direction, and with Finn headed to the Rumble on a mission to finally get a one-on-one shot to regain the Universal championship he never lost, it’s a good time for him to have some back-up.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Will this be the thing that gets Finn, Karl and Luke... OVER?

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