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Alexa Bliss isn’t worried about Ronda Rousey

The bloodhounds at TMZ caught up with Alexa Bliss at an airport for a quick interview and while that’s unfortunate, her reaction to the questions is worth watching. Namely, they spend all their time asking about the pending arrival of former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey and she just shakes it off, starting with a textbook Alexa Bliss shoulder shrug when they mention a dinner Rousey had with Triple H.

Then, this:

“Please, I’m a fighting champion. I’m not worried about anybody taking my belt. The title is mine. I don’t know (if I could take her). We’ll have to get in the ring and see, I guess.

”I think (the women’s Royal Rumble) is a monumental moment in women’s history and if any woman wants to be involved I think that’s awesome.”

The champion we’ve always needed.

Rumors have persisted that WWE would be interested in a Rousey vs. Charlotte match — that’s without considering the Four Horsewomen connection — so even if Ronda debuts and wins the Royal Rumble, she could very well be challenging the other WWE women’s champion on the roster.

Maybe that’s why she isn’t worried, eh?

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