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Hulk Hogan may be ready to return, but WWE says they’re sticking by their decision

Hulk Hogan is jacked, and with a few rounds on the public apology circuit under his belt in the years since the release of audio which captured him using racial and other slurs, he thinks he’s ready for a return to WWE.

Trouble is, the company which fired him and scrubbed him from much of their web presence back in 2015, isn’t ready to bring him back. At least that’s what they’re saying publicly.

With many Hall of Famers, Legends and other figures from wrestling history getting ready to join WWE in New York on Monday, Jan. 22 to celebrate 25 years of Raw, Hogan’s status with the sports entertainment giant has been a hot topic. There have been no signs Vince McMahon’s company is changing course on one of the biggest stars in the history of the business, but that hasn’t stopped people from asking. Including The Winnipeg Free Press, who got statements from The Hulkster and The ‘E.

Said Hogan:

“I don’t know if they want me back. I think the fans want me back. I think that I’m part of that company from the ground up. Triple H I know is a huge fan of the guys that gave their blood, sweat and tears and their personal life to make this happen. I know Triple H would love to see me back on the inside again.”

Said the company:

“At this time, WWE remains committed to its decision.”

Official corporate statements like this one aren’t usually subject to kayfabe, so if this is part of a swerve to surprise us when “Real American” blares through the speakers at Manhattan Center, it would indeed be pretty shocking. More likely, it’s an indication WWE doesn’t think their advertisers and other partners are ready to welcome Hogan back.

That won’t stop Hulk from trying to turn a shoot into a work, HULKAMANIACS and jabronie marks without a life:

“Brother, if I’m not there, I’ll definitely be there in spirit. One way or the other, Hulk Hogan influenced each and every one of those guys you’re going to see on TV Monday night. And that includes Vince McMahon, too.

I’m 64 years old and right now I could go out and tear WrestleMania down. I might have that one more match where I really beat the hell out of Vince. I’ve still got one in me.”

He’s even willing to try and apply some leverage:

“I’m about ready to jump on a plane and fly to Japan and get involved with that Bullet Club, man. I’m so excited about those kids.”

Where, and when, will Hulkamania next run wild?

Probably not in WWE on Monday, but beyond that... who knows?

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