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Yes, WWE, we’re very happy you brought the Curb Stomp back

I cannot believe it—WWE did it.

Out of the darkness and into the light, the Curb Stomp Blackout returned to us when Seth Rollins used it to defeat Finn Balor Monday night on Raw.

Zach and I of course discussed this revelation on this week’s episode of the Fourth Wall podcast. Podcaster’s Note: Zach loves Rollins.

Pete: “Zach, we are going to have a lot of returns next week at Raw 25, but there was maybe a bigger return this week in the form of a move—the Curb Stomp! You had to be jazzed about this.”

Zach: “Pete. You never know what you’re going to get when you watch Monday Night Raw. If I were going to rank the things that I thought I was going to get on Monday Night Raw, I would have put the Curb Stomp at the bottom of that list. I thought we would never see this again, Pete! And we got it! We got it, man. My boy Seth has been made whole, praise Jesus!”

Pete: “Out of retirement.”

Zach: “I’m speechless. This is the best, and Finn (Balor) sold it, and it looked brutal. On a scale of one to New Japan, this was highly dangerous. It looks scary; it looks mean. Seth just got a new lease on life. I mean the sky is officially the limit for this guy getting this move back. This is exactly what he needed. The Falcon Arrow wasn’t working, the Weird Knee Setup Thing wasn’t working. He is the Curb Stomp. And we have it back, and I can’t get enough.”

Pete: “It was a shame when they took it away from him because it made him who he is. That’s the move that he used to win the title in his career moment at Wrestlemania, cashing in. That’s the moment everyone remembers about Seth Rollins, and then he couldn’t use it again? He couldn’t find it with the Pedigree and you’re right about the Falcon Arrow, and for what? Over two years now? What you had, really, was one of your stars without a signature move, which is Wrestling 101.

“Again, kudos to Finn (Balor) for selling it, a good bring-back for the WWE, and I think you’re right. I think it elevates Seth back to where he belongs.”

Any podcast that allows you to discuss the Curb Stomp and THESE HANDS is going to be a guaranteed great show. As a bonus for those who also enjoy football, Zach is a photographer for the VIKINGS and we briefly discuss his experience on the sideline for the Minnesota Miracle at the front of the show. Listen below or click here!

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