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Drew Gulak had way too much fun in Texas

Probably trying to compensate for having gone from almost-a-title-contender to pinned-by-48-year-old-not-cruiserweight-Goldust in a matter of weeks, Drew Gulak had himself a time in Laredo, Texas last night (Jan. 16).

His fellow Superstars may not have been enjoying “Oil Man Drew” quite as much...

Kevin Owens was fooled by the Crusading Cruiserweight’s Western wear:

Asked by a fan if Gulak’s get-up included that cowboy couture essential, the bolo tie, KO confirmed, but was corrected on his tense by the Prince of Powerpoint:

Owens had him put his Stetson back on for some photographic evidence:

Proof fellow Zo Train member Ariya Daivari, who’d been putting up with this $#!+ for much longer than Owens, was also happy to provide:

My concern is, doesn’t this violate the “No Costumes” proposal from Gulak’s Campaign For A Better 205 Live?

I guess it’s not ring gear, so Drew’s good. When in South Texas...

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