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Tenee Young would have entered the Women’s Royal Rumble if it weren’t for that pesky Rusev Day!

A question heard around the Cageside offices: Why weren’t these three minutes of comedic gold on television last night?

Fashion Files has been hit or miss for me over the last few months, but a locker room showdown with Rusev Day which features Tyler Breeze undercover as “broadcast journalist Tenee Young” doing some “journalisming” and Fandango trying and failing to keep Aiden English from singing his most famous tune, is as good as you’d expect. And the Jan. 16 edition of SmackDown could have used a little levity (look it up, Handsome One).

Please enjoy while you wonder if WWE will be able to resist the urge to have a man in drag take one of 30 spots in the Women’s Royal Rumble after fan reaction to the James Ellsworth/Money in the Bank booking. Or maybe they’ll do it because of how that went?

Anyway - RUSEV DAY!

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