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Tommaso Ciampa can even make congratulatory well-wishes sound ominous

While fans anxiously (in all senses of the word) await his return from injury, Tommaso Ciampa has been living his “Sicilian Psychopath” gimmick on Twitter. When his former tag partner Johnny Gargano rang in 2018 with an optimistic message, Ciampa creepily wished him a happy new year.

Now, Johnny’s wife Candice LeRae is getting the same treatment...

What makes it even more chilling, and awesome, is this and the Jan. 1 message to Gargano are the only two tweets Tommaso’s sent this year.

In addition to being a great bit of social media character work, this is timed perfectly to amp up fan excitement for a possible return. Speculation is running rampant this ghost from Johnny’s past could show up to ruin his upcoming NXT title shot at TakeOver: Philadelphia against Andrade “Cien” Almas. The lack of an official timeframe for Ciampa’s return adds uncertainty, but Almas’ business associate Zelina Vega has used Gargano’s broken #DIY friendship/partnership to get in his head before. Even if the Sicilian Psychopath isn’t full cleared by Jan. 27, she could use him to aid their cause in a way that does require him to get physically involved in Andrade’s match.

Whether we see Ciampa in Philly or not, this is good stuff.

Congratulations, Tommaso.

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