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Bobby Roode’s first promo as United States Champion

“That’s exactly what it is, it’s just a huge rush of every single emotion that you could possibly imagine. Coming here tonight my main focus was Mojo and defeating him to get into the finals next week. Then, one thing led to another and the emotions took over me out in the ring after the match when the Singh Brothers jumped me. It just... it was one thing that led to another and then Daniel Bryan made the final match tonight against Jinder Mahal. Honestly, I haven’t really had a moment to kind of sit back and let it all sink in. This has just been an incredible night.

”I mean, I’ve spent almost two decades in this industry. From an NXT world champion to being on SmackDown Live now for a little over three or four months... just getting an opportunity to be in this tournament and then to win the United States championship, this title that has so many historic minutes and moments and people that have held this title. Honestly, it really... I haven’t had that opportunity to let it all sink in. Right now, I’m the United States champion, and it feels glorious. So I’m going to take this moment to sit back and really enjoy it.”

For whatever reason, WWE decided to hold both the semifinals and the final of the U.S. Title Tournament on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, and Bobby Roode emerged victorious. He just so happens to be the same guy who was feuding with the guy who vacated the title before bailing on WWE weeks ago to necessitate this tourney, Dolph Ziggler.

Tick tock.

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