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And New, Bobby Roode is your new WWE United States Champion

Both dressed in blue shorts, Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal competed tonight (Jan. 16) in the finals of the month long SmackDown US title tournament. Roode and Mahal each one their semifinal matches earlier in the evening, with GM Daniel Bryan moving the finals of the tournament to tonight.

Working over the injured ribs of Roode, Mahal took the early lead in the title match.

With the Singh Brother barred from ringisde, the match was one on one, but maybe due to fatigue fought at a very slow pace.

After mounting a comeback, Bobby Roode reversed a late Khallas attempt from Jinder Mahal right into a Glorious DDT winning pinning combination.

1-2-3, right in the middle of the ring and Bobby Roode is your new US champion.

Congratulations to Bobby Roode, where you at Dolph Ziggler?

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