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Bobby Roode wins, Daniel Bryan changes US tourney finals to tonight

When Hype meets Glory there can only be one winner. Also, in US title tournament semifinals there can only be one winner. With Jinder Mahal awaiting the winner, Mojo Rawley and Bobby Roode went head-to-head tonight on SmackDown Live.

Much like the other US title tournament semifinal earlier in the night, the heel dominated the first half of the match.

Rawley worked in his football based offense of shoulder tackles, running charges and generally tossing Roode into objects. Still dressed in his bright yellow shorts, an angry Mojo did not allow Roode any chance to mount a comeback for the majority of the opening ten minutes.

At one point Rawley yelled at Roode and asked him if he “cracked a rib”.

Then Mojo hit more football themed attacks.

After Mojo missed a shoulder tackle, because football, in the corner, Roode mounted a brief comeback.

Despite controlling roughly 95% of the match, Mojo got caught talking too much smack and was hit with a spine buster by Roode. The Glorious One would go right into his DDT finisher and layout Rawley for the 1-2-3.

Post-match the Singh Brothers rushed the ring and laid out a tired Roode. Then for some reason Bobby Roode got on the mic and offered to fight Jinder Mahal this week on SmackDown.

Despite taking no damage versus Xavier Woods, Mahal declined the match but was overruled by GM Daniel Bryan.

On paper Roode got beatdown versus Mojo Rawley during the match and the Singh Brothers after the match while Jinder Mahal cruised to victory over Woods.

With the finals tonight, who takes home the belt Roode or Mahal?

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