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Jinder Mahal downs Xavier Woods, moves on to US title tournament finals

Tonight’s (Jan. 16) episode of SmackDown kicked off with pancakes, a promo and the semifinals of the US title tournament. In rare act of opening one of their television with a match, Xavier Woods versus Jinder Mahal opened the show following a brief promo by The New Day.

Mahal would open in control, showing off a variety of power moves.

With Big E, Kofi Kingston and the Singh Brothers circling ringside, Mahal controlled 90% of the match early on.

Also Big E did this:

After Woods was tossed to the outside and barely beat the ten count, Mahal continued to stomp out the trombone player. Heading into the second commercial break Mahal’s methodical pace continued wear down Woods.

If you are a fan of Mahal and rest holds this match for you. If you wanted to see Woods get any kind of offense in or like to see Mahal mix up his move set, the first ten minutes of the this match was a trip to the dentist.

Just not a fun match what so ever.

After Woods start a rally and hit a nice shining wizard, the Singh Brothers got involved but were chased to the back by the New Day. Looking for a big spot, Woods missed a elbow drop attempt and then was thrown into the bottom rope.

Jinder Mahal would go on to grab the lifeless body of Xavier Woods and hit his finisher for the win.

Jinder Mahal moves on to the finals of the US title tournament, who is hyped for this?

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