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Woken Matt Hardy wants you to sit back and enjoy the ride with his character on WWE television

It’s taken a while but Matt Hardy has finally brought his “Broken” character to WWE. He’s still going with the “Woken” name for the time being but a recently deal with Anthem and Impact Wrestling gave him rights to the entire Broken Universe he created with his family, so we could be seeing more soon.

He just got a new entrance, complete with his own entrance music, after all:

The character was a big hit for Impact, but it hasn’t necessarily been the same for WWE ... yet. And that’s the key word, as he tells Matt Fowler at IGN that fans should be patient with the progression of the character on WWE television:

“It’s starting to take hold. I think the hardcore fans have to remember that patience is paramount. There’s such a huge percentage of the WWE Universe and the WWE fanbase who aren’t familiar with the story of the Woken-slash-Broken character so we have to educate them and get them up to speed and help them understand what’s going on. And that’s something the die hard fans are frustrated with. But things are going to get where they need to be and this is a process now that’s playing out over TV. The biggest thing I’d say to people is just sit back and enjoy this truly, truly fun and jubilant ride.”

He also said he believes we will indeed progress to the point of a Final Deletion style match, perhaps with Bray Wyatt. So if you aren’t satisfied just yet, give it some time and maybe that will change.

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