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Kurt Angle fires Braun Strowman to open Raw


Even Monsters can receive a pink slip. Tonight’s (Jan. 15) Monday Night Raw with Braun Strowman wanting to tell the audience a story. Before Strowman could retell the tale of trying to the end the days of both Brock Lesnar and Kane last week, GM Kurt Angle arrived with a clear message.

Backed by a full security team, Angle got right in Strowman’s face and informed him he would not be competing in the triple threat title match at the Royal Rumble. Oh, and Braun Strowman you’re fired.

The sudden roster move left The Monster Among Men speechless and for a brief time he went to the back without touching anyone.

How long can Raw afford to let Braun Strowman roam the arena as unmarked Monster? Can Strowman appear on SmackDown now?

Update 8:14 pm ET: Oh no

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