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Big Show is hoping to return to WWE TV soon

It’s Royal Rumble season, so literally any wrestler who has been out injured with a timeline that could match up is going to be considered a candidate for a surprise return in the Royal Rumble match. In this case, it’s Big Show.


Uproxx recently asked when we can expect to see him back on WWE television and he said:

“Hopefully soon. I had some hip surgery at the end of September, which has been fantastic for me. It’s what they call hip resurfacing, now I gotta nice shiny titanium joint that’s really smooth, and more range of motion, it’s even stronger. I’m just following my physical rehab protocol right now, and making sure all that’s strong and healed up. I gotta give it a few months for the metal to grow into the bone so to speak, so it becomes a more solid unit, then hopefully first of the year I’ll be back of action.”

That sure makes it sound like he’s ready to come back. He’s talked about a retirement run, so perhaps when he does return it will be the beginning of his farewell tour.

Either way, it sounds like we can expect to see him sooner rather than later.

Perhaps after a 10 second countdown in Philadelphia?

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