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The Miz just ethered Roman Reigns live from the gym with a kiss

This is The Miz’s world and we are all just living in it. After being off WWE television for seven weeks so he could film The Marine 6, it looks like The Miz had 49 days worth of straight fire occupying his stomach.

On Monday Night, The Hollywood A-lister returned to a hero’s welcome from the Raw live crowd. The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel closed the show by beating down Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan then triple power bombing Roman Reigns.

For lack of a better word, 2018 so far has been pretty awesome for The Miz.

Which brings us to this gym promo The Miz just cut on Reigns. In what surely will be the best promo filmed from a gym you will see all day, the Awesome one absolutely dunks on the current Intercontinental champion.

With The Miz getting his IC title rematch versus Roman Reigns at Raw 25 on Jan. 22, this promo about the new year, tactical vests, 15 pounds of gold and more, hit’s all the right notes.

Fresh off a spectacular 2017, is The Miz kicking his pro wrestling game into another gear that most didn’t think he could ever reach?

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