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New Day made Carmella eat 100 pancakes in a Rocky IV training montage

Call off Mixed Match Challenge, because there’s no way this will be topped

I already named Rusev the greatest and best trainer anyone could have after the video of Aiden English and him prepping Lana for Mixed Match Challenge (MMC). But I may have to revaluate after seeing this video from “Team We Don’t Know”, the partnership between The New Day’s Big E and Carmella.

Since the set-up for this is Carmella eating the 100 pancakes necessary to join The Princes of Positivity (it’s a thing, apparently), I guess it’s not really a training video, so RuRu can keep his crown. But I truly don’t think anything that happens on or around WWE’s new Facebook Watch show will top this, a montage set to Robert Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out” from Rocky IV:

The public has voted! Big E will be Carmella's partner and we are wasting no time. Let the training begin! #MixedMatchChallenge

Posted by Xavier Woods on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

If you’re wondering where Kofi Kingston is while Xavier Woods and E cheer ‘Mella on through her... breakfast, I guess?... wait for the end.

Will the MMC keep this high level of inventiveness and offbeat sense of humor we’ve seen thus far when it premieres next Tuesday, Jan. 16 after SmackDown? We’ll have to wait and see. But even if not, we’ll always have the (mostly) magically last week of online content it’s provided.

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