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Anthem’s Ed Nordholm joins the Great War at Woken Matt Hardy’s side

Presented without comment:

Okay, I lied. As someone who spent the better part of 2017 writing about how these two were fighting for the rights to the “Broken Brilliance” intellectual property rights, I’m glad to see a happy ending. Really, I am. But couldn’t we have done this 10,000 words and 100 angry Tweets ago?

Ah well. It was good for our business, anyway.

As my colleague and Cageside’s Impact guru Kyle Decker pointed out in our offices, this really paints Jeff Jarrett as the fall guy in the battle for the “Broken” IP. Whether Double-J was the driving force in Anthem and Impact’s efforts to keep The Hardys from using the gimmick in Ring of Honor, WWE and elsewhere, that the fight was abandoned so soon after he left the company certainly makes it look that way.

So we still might see angry tweets between Reby and Karen, is what I’m saying. But let’s hope not.

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