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Brock Lesnar sits up like The Undertaker, has weird segment with Kane

What just happened? The closing of segment of tonight’s (Jan 1) Raw started out simple enough. Paul Heyman got on the mic, Brock Lesnar hopped around in place and all was right with the world.

Heyman’s promo wasn’t his best material but it hit most of the notes about triple threat match odds and Lesnar’s being the devil’s favorite wrestler. Then Heyman dropped the mic and both men were ready to walk out of the ring.

With Braun Strowman no where to be found, Kane’s music hit as Lesnar was stepping through the ropes. Both men missed a beat and the timing was off as for some reason Lesnar walked right into a Kane chokeslam with defense whatsoever.

Then as Kane was leaving the ring Brock Lesnar gained the ability to rise from the grave like The Undertaker?

Sure why not.

The segment got even stranger as Kane stepped back into the ring, leaned his back against the ropes and just stood there as Lesnar charged at him with the belt.

To make matters worst the “guys from the locker room” were a good five seconds too late in running down to the ring and Brock Lesnar and Kane just had to back their way into a pull apart brawl.

Still not sure what was off here but you have to watch the video below to peek inside the minds of Brock Lesnar and Kane.

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