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Roman Reigns almost gets DQ’d but beats Samoa Joe clean instead


Roman Reigns’ weekly IC title challenge got an added stipulation tonight (Jan. 1) on Raw versus Samoa Joe. One week removed from Reigns getting himself disqualified for severely beating Joe, Raw GM Kurt Angle’s new wrinkle to this week’s match stated if The Big Dog again lost by DQ he would lose his title.

The Reigns and Joe IC championship bout would play itself out over two commercial breaks.

Joe would jump out to an early advantage thanks to a combination of strikes and suplexes.

Reigns would mount the first of his comebacks with a clothesline, big kick and a nasty drive-by.

With over 20 minutes of ring time shared, the story shifted to Roman Reigns getting closer and closer to getting himself DQ’d. On the outside Reigns nearly used the steel steps then back in the ring Joe pushed the champion into the ref.

After Reigns kicked out of an uranage and escaped a locked in Coquina Clutch from Joe, all it took was one spear to layout the challenger for good.

Has Reigns had a bad IC title match to date?

Closing in on a two month IC title reign, if Samoa Joe can’t do it who will eventually take the belt off Roman Reigns?

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