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Unbeaten Asuka makes champion Alexa Bliss tap out


The first WWE women’s match of 2018 featured champion Alexa Bliss and unbeaten challenger Asuka going toe to toe for nearly 15 minutes of ring time.

In a non-title match made by Raw GM Kurt Angle, Bliss stepped up but Asuka came out on top. The Raw’s women champion did have her moments but this match was all about Asuka.

The match opened with Asuka beating up Bliss in every corner of the ring.

Bliss’ best moments came after Asuka injured herself running into the turnbuckle. Bliss rally didn’t last long but it did feature some nice submission spots from the champion.

The night would end for Bliss after she ate a nasty knee to the face and was rolled up into a quick armbar tapout.

Is a regime change atop the women’s division coming sooner than later? How long can the WWE keep the belt off Asuka?

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