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Kurt Angle announces official rules for women’s Royal Rumble match


Oh it’s true. Kurt Angle opened tonight’s (Jan. 1) Monday Night Raw with a huge announcement. Weeks after Stephanie McMahon broke the news about the women of the WWE getting a Royal Rumble match to call their own, Angle took to the mic to clarify the rule set.

Angle says after discussions were held between McMahon, himself, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan the women’s Royal Rumble will be exactly like the men’s battle royal.

30 female wrestlers will compete in the match. The only way to be eliminated from the ring is to be tossed over the top rope and have both feet touch the floor. Last but not least the winner of the first ever WWE women’s Royal Rumble match will earn a title shot at WrestleMania 34.

The 2018 Royal Rumble takes place on Sunday January 28th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Which woman from Raw or SmackDown will earn the right to be called the first ever Royal Rumble winner?

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