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John Cena throws his hat in the ring for the 2018 Royal Rumble

It was somewhat implied by his run-in last Monday with the first official entrant into the 2018 Men’s Royal Rumble match (and how cool is it that we know have to specify which Rumble we’re talking about?), but John Cena made it official via social media about an hour ago:

The oddmakers have set Cena as an early favorite, and a win will tie him with Stone Cold Steve Austin for the most Rumble victories in history. Will that serve as prelude to becoming the man with the most WWE championships in history at WrestleMania 34?

Whispers indicate he’ll have a bigger match than a showdown with AJ Styles in New Orleans... would keeping the belt on The Phenomenal One so Cena could earn his 17th title make that bigger on its own? Will other names be added to their match? Could a bigger star defeat AJ before ‘Mania?

Ponder those questions, and wonder what other 26 men will join Cena, Elias, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura in the ring in Philadelphia on Jan. 28.

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