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Suggested New Year’s Resolution: Find anything that makes you as happy as Samoa Joe’s entrance makes this kid

Shawn Michaels isn’t the only person in or around wrestling who ever lost their smile. It happens to all of us - especially fans. Once you’re feeling jaded and bitter about the art form, or the business, it can be easy to stay in that negative space.

This isn’t a post to tell you to shut up and enjoy WWE, or wrestling in general. Considering the wide and varied versions of it available these days, I think there’s probably some version of pro graps out there that would tickle your fancy. You’ll find something, or you won’t.

It’s not a “why do you even watch?” message, either. If you enjoy thinking critically about matches, angles, promotions, etc. and picking those things apart - have at it!

But on behalf of everyone here at Cageside Seats, we just want you to have fun engaging with pro wrestling in 2018. If everything you watch, read and talk about leaves you feeling apathetic or angry, try watching something else, or engaging with what you do watch in a new way. Let us know how we can help. Write FanPosts about what worked.

We all loved this thing at one point, or we wouldn’t be here.

In the new year, we hope you find something that makes you feel like this little boy did when he got to experience Samoa Joe kaiju-ing his way to the ring at a WWE Live show in Long Island last week...

Happy New Year, Cagesiders. Hope it’s the best one yet.

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