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One of the biggest reasons Sheamus and Cesaro are happy to be together

Sheamus and Cesaro are a pair of bruisers who are really good are bruising together. That’s basically their entire gimmick now, if you can even call it that — they’re just two guys who kick a lot of ass.

It wasn’t always that way.

Sheamus was lamenting as much in a recent interview with Sky Sports, remembering how ridiculous it was for a time:

"Let's talk about Cesaro's rugby career. He had a 'top rugby career' when he came to WWE, he even used to do the whole tape around the legs. He was a fake rugby player, know why? Because William Regal thought 'er, rugby players are tough'. Then he yodeled for a while, remember that? In fairness, I had balls in my beard, silver balls."

How they came together was pretty lame but Mick Foley was absolutely right about them being so much better off as a team.


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