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Somebody check on Emma, cause Nia Jax just hit her with a Twitter fatality

Emma’s current gimmick is running her mouth, so it shouldn’t be a surprise she got on Twitter after stealing the pin in the tag match which earned her and Nia Jax entry into No Mercy’s Women’s title match...

Nia’s response a day-and-a-half later? Even knowing that Jax doesn’t play (ask Lana), this is shockingly lethal...

The reference is to the interminable “Emmalina” launch which culminated in the Australian Superstar walking on stage in a gown and declaring she was going back to the name Emma. Backstage rumors indicated WWE yanked the gimmick because they didn’t like Emma’s portrayal of a character modeled on Attitude Era stars like Sable or The Kat. Jax is obviously laying the failure of the angle at her hashtag-obssessed co-worker’s feet.

We’ll see where this goes next week on Raw. I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath for a response from Emma.

In fact, while the headline is meant as a joke, maybe somebody should go check on her...

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