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Yep, WWE changed Emma’s music again

Consecutive weeks of television time may have led to the most unexpected Women’s title shot since Lana’s multiple chances at the SmackDown belt earlier this Summer, but there’s still something off with Emma’s recent Raw push.

It may be that she doesn’t seem to have any character traits other than annoying. But it could also be that the whole thing doesn’t seem terribly well thought out. We can joke about how that’s par for the course with WWE, but they’re not usually this work-in-progress.

Over the weekend, we got around to talking about how crap her new entrance theme was. It was bad enough house composers CFO$ got on Twitter to deny their involvement with its creation.

Luckily, it was a short-lived thing. On the Sept. 4 edition of Raw, Emma was out to another new tune. It’s better (not that that’s a high bar to clear), and CFO$ approved!

Judge for yourselves:

Personally, I’ll never understand why she couldn’t have kept all elements of her “Evil Emma” rebirth from her second run in NXT, so nothing’s going to satisfy me.

But I think I could get into a gimmick where she comes out to a different bad/generic songs each week.


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