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Bianca Belair is a freakin’ star

There have been numerous takeaways from WWE Network’s Mae Young Classic (MYC). But with all eight of the episodes taped back in July now available for streaming, there’s one take I’ve seen repeatedly and with pretty much zero pushback.

Yep, it’s up there in the headline. Bianca Belair is a gonna be a big deal.

The 28 year old’s first round win over Sage Beckett was fine, but didn’t necessarily stand out among 16 other matches. Her journey through the company’s first ever women’s tournament ended after just one more bout, but Belair’s second round loss to Kairi Sane was her proverbial coming-out party.

Sane is one of the MYC’s biggest names. One of the main goals of the tourney appears to be to make Kairi and fellow finalist Shayna Baszler stars. But by not only hanging with the Pirate Princess, but convincing an audience full of people who knew the Japanese wrestler was going to win that she might get upset by someone who’s only been training for a year, Belair has become the talk of the internet.

How did the former collegiate track-and-field athlete and Crossfit competitor do it?

This picture perfect 450 splash didn’t hurt:

frentique on tumblr

And her strength is a sight to behold:

spiteandsparkles on tumblr

Plus, while this gimmick has already gotten over on the house show circuit, it definitely made an impression in episode five:

Even more than these spots however (all of which are in the WWE released clip of the match, which is basically a Bianca Belair highlight reel), it’s the charisma you can see on display in them. Bianca calls herself the EST of NXT, and it fits. You watch this match and, even in defeat, believe she’s the strongest, baddest, sexiest... whatever superlative adjective you want to apply.

Watch this match (Sane is great in it, too, btw). Don’t take my word for it, our own ReverendKain rated it a “must watch”, too.

And definitely keep your eye out for a Belair push on NXT. Because it’s not just fans who’ve noticed how special she might be... A woman who was only signed last year got two fallout videos hyping her performance, including one featuring dad himself:

And that’s after she lost!

WWE is already giving her the star treatment, because, well... you read the headline.

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