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Miz gets an assist from Maryse to beat Jeff Hardy, continues to rack up days with the Intercontinental title

Three storylines dominated the build to the Intercontinental championship match on the Sept. 4 Raw, and two focused on the challenger.

On Sept. 3, 2007, Jeff Hardy won the white and gold belt for the fourth, and to this point final, time. The Charismatic Enigma’s family was in attendance as he tried for his fifth - and not just brother Matt. The Hardyz team was part of storyline, as Matt and Jeff continued to tease the arrival of their “Broken” gimmick in WWE while beefing with the champ, The Miz.

Miz, meanwhile, has been climbing the ranks of men who’ve held the IC title the longest in this, his seventh reign. And with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas - his Miztourage - on his side, the A-Lister would be one day closer to passing Honky Tonk Man for third on that list.

The early action in Omaha made it look as if we wouldn’t get a clear outcome from this showdown. Axel and Dallas looked to get involved on behalf of the champ, and Matt evened the score for his brother. The referee saw the potential for interference, and sent all three men to the back.

After a series of nearfalls, it looked like Jeff might have the champ right where he wanted him. But as he perched atop the ropes getting ready for a swanton bomb, the lone member of Team Miz who wasn’t banished to the locker room showed how valuable she is.

Maryse alerted her husband to his predicament. Miz rolled out of the way, and moments later countered a Twist of Fate into his Skull Crushing Finale for the 1 - 2 - 3.

It seems Miz will add ten more days to his reign and pass Honky Tonk. But what lies beyond that? A No Mercy rematch, perhaps?

Follow along with our Raw live blog here to see if we find out tonight.

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