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Kurt Angle on Jason Jordan: ‘I tell him he needs to take chances’

In storyline, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle is Jason Jordan’s father, meaning the two have worked together plenty. Naturally, that means Angle, a veteran of the pro wrestling industry who has done all there is to do within in, has had some advice for the up-and-coming star in training.

Some of said advice, as told to the Miami Herald:

“I tell him he needs to take chances. Jason can be a little shy. However, when you see him get in the ring, you realize he is not shy. When he is on camera talking, I need him to pull out more emotion. He is a great talent, and I believe someday he is going to be a world champion.”

That’s essentially the same advice he gave literally everyone on stage during his Hall of Fame induction speech this past April. It’s worth wondering just how useful that advice is in today’s WWE, where taking chances may or may not land you in hot water a younger wrestler with less clout may or may not be able to climb out of, but Angle built a career on it. Of course that’s his advice.

We’ll see if Jordan takes it to heart and it equals a more entertaining character on screen. So far, it hasn’t.

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