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Samoa Joe hoping to return soon following two surgeries

Samoa Joe’s Instagram

Its been a month since reports surfaced about why Samoa Joe quietly disappeared from Raw when it looked like he might be about to work a short program with John Cena.

The news at the time was of a knee injury which would keep the former Ring of Honor, TNA and NXT champion sidelined for a month. For the first time since that story came out, Joe is speaking about the injury and his status.

He told Sky Sports that while he did tear his meniscus at a house show a week after SummerSlam, the knee injury was a lingering one:

“I've only been able to perform at about 80 per cent capacity since joining NXT.

Back then I had no chance to take time off because of the WWE opportunity, before I was just treating the knee problem with ice and elevation at home.“

Being forced to deal with the knee also gave him an opportunity to deal with another nagging issue - breathing issues caused by a history of broken noses. With both surgeries behind him, the 38 year old says he feels great:

“Now it's the best I've ever felt, it really is. I also needed nasal surgery as I've broken my nose about eight times in my career so I was only breathing at around 60 per cent. You have no idea how invigorating it is now.”

Joe says he’s awaiting clearance from WWE medical, but sounds optimistic that will happen soon. The Sky article states he’s expected to be a part of Raw’s tour of England and Ireland in November.

The Destroyer goes on to promise more between himself and Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns:

“He's WWE's guy, he's beaten Cena but he's never beaten me. Next time I'll beat his ass.”

Anyone else amped up for some Samoan-on-Samoan violence?

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