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Kane plays coy on WWE future


The artist who may now be formerly known as Kane is currently out and about campaigning in the hopes of becoming the next Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee. That election isn’t until May of next year. He hasn’t been on TV for some time and, at a 50-years-old, it’s safe to wonder if he’s coming back at all.

But because this is pro wrestling, he won’t give much of an answer on that.

As he told CBS Local Sports:

We have a saying in the WWE: never say never. So, I can’t answer that question. (laughs)

In a funny aside, Kane also noted in the interview that he sometimes watches WWE but only said “I catch a little most Mondays.” That would mean he doesn’t bother with SmackDown Live, the brand he was drafted to last year.

The fact that he’s always worked a relatively safe style plays in his favor regarding the potential for a return. We know he’ll be back at some point, if only for a Hall of Fame induction, but the question is whether or not we’ve seen the last of Kane as a character on television.

If he wins next year, the answer is almost certainly yes.

Stay tuned.

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