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Bollywood might be making a Great Khali biopic

This is probably better suited for our rumor monger Randall Ortman’s beat, but I couldn’t wait for him to get to it. All the stories on it seem super not official, but if this film hits your screen - good, bad or (most likely) WTF? - you know you’re gonna watch it.

Multiple sites are reporting that an Indian film studio is working on a movie about the former WWE World Heavyweight champion, and recent surprise guest at Battleground, The Great Khali. It’s gotten far enough along that there are rumors about who will play the seven footer, whose real name is Dalip Singh Rana.

An alleged source from the unnamed studio (see what I mean) told DNA India:

“People only know about the sporty side of this Indian-born American semi-retired professional wrestler, promoter and actor. But there’s an untold story behind his super success. He was an officer for the Punjab state police and struggled for years before making it big in wrestling. The story will be about his journey.”

Eyed for the lead is television and film actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant has experience working in biopics; he received some critical acclaim in a successful one about cricketer MS Dhoni. The problem is... he’s not 7’ 1” and 350 pounds. Or, as DNA’s source put it:

“Sushant has no similarities with Khali when it comes to his body prototype and his height.”

They go on to speculate that any movie about the Punjabi Playboy will need to be heavy on CGI or other visual effects, because no Bollywood actors will pass for Khali without a technological assist.

This seems like it’s a ways from being a reality, but just the possibility has me excited. In fact, I have a brand new GIF to refer you to to show you how excited I am.

Anybody else want to see Bollywood’s The Great Khali Story?

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