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Nikki Bella on John Cena: ‘I honestly don’t think he’ll ever retire’

Nikki Bella John Cena

WWE really wanted you to think that John Cena was maybe going away after his loss to Roman Reigns at No Mercy, as he was given the big emotional moment following his defeat, the slow exit, the standing ovation. But he’s not done. He said as much in an interview after the event and now his fiance, Nikki Bella, is saying the same.

From her interview with Fox News:

"I honestly don't think he'll ever retire. I think he'll do that until his body won't allow him to. I just think, John's become more of a— Not that it's a full time thing but he has all these other opportunities and sometimes you just need to let your body heal as well.”

Just earlier today, news came down that Cena may have landed another big movie role. He’ll just be around less and less as time goes on until eventually his body cannot even handle that much punishment, and only then will he be done wrestling.

Who knew “Big Match John” would be so accurate when it was first coined a while ago?

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