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Roman Reigns thanks John Cena: ‘Me whooping your ass is going to be put to very good use’

This is Roman Reigns basically thanking John Cena for doing the job for him and promising that his doing so is for the best, in an interview WWE shot backstage before their match at No Mercy:

"John Cena, thank you. Because I'm a good enough competitor and a smart enough business man to know I have to get better after this. I have to progress, I have to go to my next level, wherever that may be. But I know it's going to be in the WWE, and that's all that matters to me right now, is that I can wake up in the morning, I can go out to that ring, I can perform; I can do my thing. For this huge win, for this great stepping stone, all I can say is 'thank, man.' I appreciate you giving us a few more weeks, because I'm going to use it, just like I did with The Undertaker, just like I did with Triple H, just like I did with Brock (Lesnar) -- me whooping your ass is going to be put to very good use, believe you me, buddy."

That’s a hell of a quote, isn’t it?

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