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The 205 Live roster is mad online about Enzo Amore being Cruiserweight champ

It’s hard to tell how it played in the arena - aside from his familiar, “sing-along” entrance promo, the Staples Center crowd reacted to Enzo Amore’s Cruiserweight title win over No Mercy like it was the cooldown match between two majorly hyped WrestleMania-level matches... which it was.

Online, much of the response was negative. Especially from other wrestlers who’ve been working on 205 Live a lot longer than Zo:

It’s important to note these were all retweeted by WWE’s official Twitter account, and the men sending the messages have either been personally involved with and screwed over by Amore’s “work smarter” shortcuts (namely Cedric Alexander) or have a current character/gimmick where being outraged by this is a logical response (e.g. the newly heel Jack Gallagher).

That’s why I personally can’t get too worked up. I don’t love the idea of Enzo as champ in a vacuum. But it didn’t happen in a vacuum. They built a story around it (which included playing up or possibly even leaking more backstage heat rumors), and that story can be used to serve a lot of different characters on 205 Live.

Plus, Neville’s brief pre-SummerSlam run as a broken man after losing the title to Akira Tozawa was brilliant, so I’m not worried about that guy at all.

Anyway, not everyone is mad... although the last guy to best The King might be trolling:

This guy is definitely trolling, and probably thinks The Certified Champ is a horrible move. But that’s why he left, either because he wanted out, WWE didn’t want to hear him complain any more, or both:

We’ll see how it plays out this week on Raw and 205 Live. I’m watching. How bout you?

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