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WWE No Mercy 2017 results: Finn Bálor wins like a man, Bray Wyatt loses like... Bray Wyatt

After losing to Finn Bálor’s Demon persona at SummerSlam, Bray Wyatt embarked on a plan to get a rematch sans face paint. Finn agreed to another round, which WWE began calling a “Man vs. Man match”.

Pouring fake blood on him didn’t work, so maybe beating up Goldust en route to No Mercy would?

One thing certainly did work was The Eater of Worlds strategy of attacking Bálor before the match began. Finn’s entrance isn’t as elaborate without make-up, but it still involves a lot of standing and posing (and a new gray jacket!), and Wyatt took advantage to seemingly injure the Irishman’s ribs.

Wyatt wasn’t done pushing buttons, either. Grabbing a microphone to call Finn a “coward” got the former Universal champion to shrug off the advice of officials trying to get him backstage to the trainer’s room.

Once the match officially began, adrenaline carried Bálor to a flurry of early offense:

But Wyatt continued to target the ribs, and adding Finn’s surgically-repaired shoulder to his list of targets. He also kept up the mind games, arching into his signature pose to freeze Bálor before he could launch his Coup de Grâce finisher.

It was a hard-hitting affair with several nearfalls for both men, but in the end, none of Bray’s tricks mattered. Finn fought through his damaged ribs to land the Coup de Grâce and pin Wyatt without his Demon.

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