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WWE No Mercy 2017: The Miz vs. Jason Jordan full match preview

Intercontinental Title Match

Jason Jordan vs. The Miz (c)

A man who’s changed a lot of minds about his place in WWE against someone who’s striving to do the same.

The Road to No Mercy

Ever since it was revealed Raw General Manager Kurt Angle had a son he didn’t know about from his college days... and that son was former SmackDown tag champ Jason Jordan... and Angle had arranged to bring Jordan to Monday nights... Miz has been calling bull$#!+.

Even though he’s a clear heel, calling BS is what Miz does. And as when he accused Daniel Bryan of working against him on the Blue Brand, he’s right that JJ seems to get a lot of big opportunities from his Dad - no matter how much he says he doesn’t want them. Not even getting on the main SummerSlam card really stuck in the Intercontinental champ’s craw.

Despite that slight, the A-Lister has (with the help of his Miztourage and wife Maryse) put together a productive month. With a victory over Jeff Hardy, he’s climbing the ranks of men who’ve held the white-and-gold strap the longest, recently passing Honky Tonk Man for third place.

That legacy means a little more to Miz now that he and Maryse have shared with the world they’re expecting their first child...

Which provides an interesting comparison to Angle and Jordan. Miz wants everyone to know he’d never be the absentee father Kurt was, and that’s driving Jason to both want to defend his biological dad’s honor while also proving to the world he doesn’t need the GM to be a success.

Another opportunity came Jordan’s way when his father put him in a Six-Pack Challenge match to determine who would face Miz for the title in Los Angeles. The former collegiate wrestling standout pulled out a win in that match to set up the one we’ll see at No Mercy, and the champ and his boys Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas were quick to send a message.

Something The Gold-Blooded Superstar can’t wait to respond to, no matter what advice his dad gives him...

What’s at stake?

For the champ, it’s a chance to add to what’s increasingly looking like a Hall of Fame resume by continuing to stack days with the belt. Miz would probably also love the opportunity to remind Angle and the WWE Universe what a great example he’s going to be for his child.

Jordan needs to light some kind of spark for the fan outside of the electric comebacks/hot tags he’s capable of within matches. Is his first singles title the way to do that? Or is continuing to argue with his old man a better way to get folks invested in this story?

Maybe both? Or maybe it’s already too late?

We’ll start to find out at No Mercy and Cageside Seats will be here to tell you about it.


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