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Daniel Bryan finds it ‘interesting’ Ring of Honor would welcome him back

Expect more of these stories as we get closer to the end of Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract (believed to be mid-2018)...

The SmackDown General Manager’s made no secret of his desire to return to wrestling, with his wife Brie giving her blessing based on what they believe will be a clean bill of health after a new treatment for brain injury he’s been undergoing. Bryan was talking comeback possibilities as recently as Wednesday of this week in a Twitter Q & A.

Interesting timing, since the promotion he rose to fame in, Ring of Honor (ROH) has a pay-per-view (PPV) tonight (Sept. 22) - which means company officials are on the interview circuit.

Asked by Fansided about the prospect of Bryan - who worked under his real name Bryan Danielson outside WWE - COO Joe Koff said:

“Well I don’t think it’s any secret, and all the previous ROH wrestlers know, that they are always welcome back in Ring of Honor. This is their home, so to speak. We never chided anybody for leaving for what they thought were greener pastures. And look, a lot of them have succeeded on a far greater platform than we could have provided them at the time.

So if Bryan Danielson would love to come back, I didn’t work with him personally while he was here, but I would personally welcome him back.”

That got back to DB via Twitter. Considering he’s a guy with over 4 million followers who gets things tweeted at him all day long, it’s kind of amazing he noticed at all, let alone responded. That he chose to is interesting, a word he himself used:

Bryan is a worker, and he’s definitely enjoyed using social media to get fans excited for a possible/eventual comeback. Who knows if it will be with ROH, but considering WWE doesn’t even seem want fans to see him training, get ready for the possibility it might not be for the company you last saw him in.

Don’t worry, you probably have another year (give or take a few months) of stories like to get you used to the idea.

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