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Sasha Banks’ idea of equality in pro wrestling

"I always had a notebook when I was a child and I would write down that I wanted to be the greatest women's wrestler of all time. And now I'm here, doing so many first evers, and being a part of this women's evolution where I'm seeing so many incredible women get the time they deserve. To have women just be the platform of WWE and getting recognized that we can do it just like the guys. It's crazy. People ask me what's next -- I don't know what's next. What else can we do? We've done almost everything except for main event a WrestleMania.

"I want it to become something that's normal when people go 'man, that was a good match' and I don't want it to be 'that was a good women's match,' I just want it to be 'a good match,' period. And I think it's great that we're talking about women all the time but I just want it to be completely equal where it's just like 'hell yeah, they kicked ass, not because they're women but just because they can do it.'"

It’s been a slow process but the WWE fan base is absolutely getting to a point where women working the main event and having a great match is less about it being women doing it and more about the fact that it was done at all. Take this week’s episode of SmackDown Live for a recent example.

Consistency is key, though, and it’s on WWE to continue pushing women in the reverse of how they always used to promote them. Let’s hope that’s what continues to happen.

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