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Roman Reigns isn’t taking John Cena’s insults personally: ‘I don’t really care what he thinks about me’

The entirety of the Roman Reigns-John Cena feud over the past month or so has consisted of the two taking shots at each other that go beyond kayfabe and closer to reality. It would be easy, then, for one of the two to start taking things personally. But that isn’t happening, at least not according to Reigns.

His reasoning, as explained to the “In This Corner” podcast (via CBS Sports):

"I'll be completely honest: Me and John have always been cordial, but I would not say we are close friends by any means. There is a business respect, but I think that's what makes this so special that we're truly competing against each other and I think people see that.

"But it's not like a situation where I'm taking anything he says to heart because I don't really care what he thinks about me. If you care for someone and they knife you, it's going to hurt. It will hurt your feelings and can depress you. But when you don't really care about somebody or their opinion, it doesn't affect you. And that's how it is with me and John."

That’s not going to stop WWE from selling it as a personal feud, of course. As they should. But Reigns even went so far as to say he didn’t mind when Cena cracked on him for his zipper being broken, noting that he was shocked but relied on a quick wit he’s developed from being in locker rooms all throughout his life.

Despite what some fans may say, he’s actually pretty damn good at this.

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