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Daniel Bryan doesn’t like how things have gone for Sami Zayn on SmackDown, wants to tap out The Bullet Club

SmackDown General Manager, and Total Bellas star, Daniel Bryan got on Twitter Wednesday night (Sept. 20) for a little question and answer session during this week’s episode of his E! show.

And if you liked Talking Smack Daniel Bryan and his “what are they gonna do, fire me?” honesty from that WWE Network show, you’re gonna love AMA DB!

Here’s a sample:

Does he still want to bring Cesaro to Team Blue?

But if he came back, where would he wrestle?

On a scale of 1 - 10, how much does he want to wrestle again?

If he could only have one more match in WWE, who would he face?

Who would he like to wrestle outside WWE?

Who throws harder kicks, Miz or healthy leaf cabbage?

Back to Japan, would he rather face Tetsuya Naito or Kazuchika Okada?

What about Kenny Omega? Where should that match happen?

Does he miss having long hair, and why?

If he had a hair match, who would it be against (questioner acknowledged Blue Panther was probably his first choice, but he just lost his hair to Sam Adonis in a lucha de apuesta this past August):

Would he put his beard on the line?

Who’s the best wrestler in the world today?

There are a TON more in his timeline, with lots of tweets about his daughter, being a dad, the perils of conspicuous consumption, gardening, reincarnation and more!

DILLIGAF Bryan is the best Bryan.

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